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Hi all, My name is Sakis (this is short for Athanasios - try to spell it so you will know why I use a shorter form:) Samaras and I have been dealing with computers since 1984. Since 1987 I work as a Technician/Support/Network Engineer/Developer/Engineer/Trainer/Consultant/Technical Writer/System Designer. I know it makes very little sense to anybody, but it is a reality in small countries like Greece. Well after all, is small economies you *MUST* get the best possible ROI for any expense...

What I can

The following are areas that either I have had been involved as a project team or project leader; in some cases I undertook the project from start to finish:

  • Development of a Document Life Cycle Management System (part of a team - Developer C++ Windows NT/2000)
  • Development of a Smart Content Delivery System for Hotels - payTV/ V.o.D./ other services (team leader - LAMP / WAMP basic Application Server & C++ under Windows for integration services )
  • Users, Administrators, Installation, Troubleshooting, Maintenance Manuals in English and Greek languages (usually I was responsible for some manuals while a couple of them was my own project)
  • Technical trainer for Support / Maintenance and Technical Support departments (as instructor in classes and workshops as well as at the field)
  • Consulting for Networking/Network Security/Data security/Hardware architecture/System configuration (either as a part of team or solo...)
  • Sales (oh well....)
  • Translations (English : good /Greek : mother tongue /Russian: average)

What I can not

  • Contribute long hours, but I will try to do my best
  • Almost anything else


I hope I can contribute too at least it will be a pay back to everyone that is working to deliver Open Source S/W and those who try to compile a stable distribution that will fit our needs :)