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  • name: Micha (not 'Michael'!) Pietsch
  • from: Dresden, Saxony, Germany
  • age: 20
  • work: 3 year professional training as IT electronics technician

Fedora Project & me

why joined Fedora?

A friend told me a joke: "On the Disk was written (as a requirement) 'Windows XP or better'. So I installed Linux." :-) Well, Ubuntu convinced me of Linux for everyday usage, but soon I changed to Fedora. Just like it.

Work in this Community

Recently I joined the l10n team to help translating documents related to Fedora into my mother tongue, German.

Skills & Interests

  • basic Linux skills
  • web design and development, mostly based on Python and Ruby
  • Languages: German, English and Linux ;-)


  • Mail: micha dot pietsch at gmx dot de
  • Skype: MichaPietsch