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My name is Basil Mohamed Gohar. I am an avid advocate of free software, which is the primary factor in my support of Fedora. I work professionally as a web & database developer, dealing primarily with PHP & MySQL web applications. My line of work up this point has focused on education related software.

Contact Information

Fedora Project Involvement

I am not currently involved with any specific Fedora sub-projects. However, I am hoping to be involved at least with the Websites as well as the Documentation sub-projects. To this end, I have created this page and hope to work diligently where I can with them.


This is just a brief look into my personal life. This may or may not be interesting or important to any of you.


I am adherent of Islam, which means I am a Muslim. If you're interested in knowing more, then please do not hesitate to contact me, as I welcome (sincere) discussions on the topic.


I am happily married.


I am involved in a few community-based programs, including Columbus Dawah & Qabeelat Hayl.


I greatly enjoy software development, primarily as it applies to the web. My specialization and the bulk of my experience is with the PHP programming language and the MySQL database server.

I maintain a personal blog which generally focuses on technology..


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