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This is a proposal to make the Campus Ambassador group much stronger and effective. Please use the Talk page for discussions!


Campus Ambassadors is a group with in Fedora where the approved Fedora Ambassadors who are university students, are the members of the group.

Introduction to Proposal

To use this group effectively and use this group to extend the contribution towards the Fedora project.


Importance of such a group?

Fedora Ambassadors are the main set of group with in the Fedora project who spread the Fedora around. However it is not possible to grant approval for each and every request. Therefore newbies and interested students/ contributors can join with this group first. In some situations we have a Fedora Ambassador in some universities therefore there is no need to have more Ambassadors from specific city or country. However this demotivate interest individuals as they done have a recognition on the project. Therefore this group can be used to cater them. Anyone interested promoting Fedora can join with the team. The sponsors ensures that those individualism get funds, swags, knowledge and support.

This is like the next level of Fedora Ambassadors having such strength it will be very easy to take Fedora into university community and get events organized with in universities with less effort.

What Campus Ambassadors do?

Simply they spread the Fedora. Enabling new users and contributors under the support of the Fedora Ambassadors.

Who can join?

  • Any interested contributor/ newbie can join with this group.
  • No need of mentoring or no need to fulfill any criteria.


  • Should have a FAS username and a userpage
  • Subscribe to the mailing list
  • apply for the FAS, Campus Ambassador group


  1. Sponsoring Ambassador - An approved Fedora Ambassador. Former members of this group and interested Fedora Ambassadors can be sponsors.
  2. Campus Ambassador - Student in a university or any other person who is willing to spread Fedora


Campus Ambassadors are sponsored by Fedora Ambassadors who are in the same country or city depending the geographical location. Campus Ambassadors are free to organize events in their universities/ cities. Sponsoring Ambassadors should provide required funds, swags, knowledge and support. Moreover the proper usage of the Fedora brand should be monitored by the Sponsoring Ambassador.


Members who perform well as Campus Ambassador will get an advantage when they applying for the Fedora Ambassadorship. Further there is a chance to learn about the project, being a Campus Ambassador, because there is no responsibility like Fedora Ambassadors have. But if a member is doing good he will get the recognition for the work.