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Belzasar Miranda

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The first time you use linux was in 2003 a friend I install it on your computer then in 2014 went back to use in its distribution mint and I wonder how much they had advanced and then met Fedora and then decided I wanted to help in the desarrolo Fedora and help more people know and see how important free software.


  • Fedora Account:Belzasar25
  • IRC:Belzasar25
  • Location:Panama
  • PGP:D4F6CDD7
  • GitHub:Belzasar

Fedora Projects Involved

| Package Maintainers Panama

| Ambassadors Panama

Fedora Badges (12)

Paranoid Panda Involvement Let Me Introduce Myself Bona Fide Crypto Badger White Rabbit Crypto Panda Bloggin' it! (Planet I) Flisol 2015 Attendee Egg Junior Badger (Badger I) Embryo