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Bio: My name is Benjamin Gordy.

Currently I work at Dell as a Solutions Engineer or NOS Engineer. RHCE # 805010480449115

I've done previous work at web hosting companies and IT consulting in the Austin Area. I've attended various Linux groups over the years. Most recently the Austin Linux Meetup Group. I've also been active in the Austin Python Meetup Group. I am also a member of Austin Cloud Security Alliance, Austin Openstack, Austin Cloud Users Group. I am also active with the noSQL GridFS MongoDB Austin Group. July 2011 attended a great HPC / GPU supercomputing symposium to discuss Thrust and CUDA. Last year I volunteered to work the Austin Linux Fest all day. This all day event was awesome. I got to meet a lot of talented Linux enthusiast and listen to speakers discuss all aspects of Linux. I've learned I have a knack for Linux and often I find myself helping others along the way when they get stumped. I enjoy teaching and learning Linux.


I am a Linux enthusiast and like to share cool stuff like Fedora Linux with others.

I live in beautiful Austin, Texas with my wife, two dogs and cat. I was first introduced to Linux around 1998 and I was hooked. I thought this stuff is the next best thing and I've been using it ever since. It was slow going at first, but I was determined to learn as much as I could. I now recommend Fedora as the OS of choice in the personal space as it's gotten a whole lot more fun and friendlier over the years.

Contact Info My IRC handle is bengordy on freenode. private Mail: ben.gordy AT Fedora account name: bengordy

Please stay tuned for the 2012 Texas Linux Fest in Austin [Texas Linux Fest]