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Name and Surname

Nkwocha Emeka Bethel

About Me:

An Open source advocate in my country. Been using Red Hat since 2003-4. kinda happy to join this scheme in promoting Fedora and Open source in General. Love to be of help to new users in any way i can through my website. I'm working on distributing an Open source magazine by 2010 through out Nigeria. More open source projects to come soon.


E-mail: Phone: 08057761323, 07030595065 IRC: dlux on GPG Key: ID 2048bit Fedora Account: bensoft

Activities within Fedora:

Interested in Spreading and help develop Fedora Linux in Any way possible, from GUI's to Server configurations. Currently developing an Open Source Magazine (& Seminars in Schools) in Nigeria which covers a lot on Fedora, the Community, Red Hat and other Open source tools. Helping Linux users solve issues concerning software installations, Multimedia support, Bugs and fixes and reporting security issues also to the Fedora Community.

Other Details

Graphic designer (Love Inkscape & GIMP), JBoss user, web developer, database (mysql) in particular & love testing out new stuffs.