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Billy Okal

Hello to you all fedora people.

I am a student on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), here in Bremen, Germany. I developed interest in open source software starting with Ubuntu about one year ago, then tried out Knoppix as well, but since I found fedora now about 7 months ago, I have never dared to make a change. I love the way fedora gives me flexibility in organizing my computer.

I have helped a couple of my friends change from windows to linux or at least have dual boot systems of fedora and something else. Together with some other friends I have also started a Linux club here in my University(Jacobs University and we organize Linux days in which we do everything from telling people about fedora to installing it for them and giving basic education concerning fedora. As an ambassador I will have even greater opportunity to introduce more people to fedora and let them also enjoy the freedom that we do have in fedora. The university servers here run Solaris and a couple of lab computers run Linux and therefore this gives me a good chance to enlighten people more about fedora through the labs.