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Brad Bailey

Brad Bailey


  • bradbailey[at]fedoraproject[dot]org
  • IRC: brad_b82
  • skype: brad.b82

Brief Biography

I'm really good at explaining things, and have lots of patience with the not-so-savvy computer users. So long as a person wants to learn, I can help them.

I've studied C, C++ and Python programming. I'm currently leading a new facebook python study group. I started the group on 18 November 2012. As of 23 November, I have 24 members in the group. :-)

Goals & Aspirations

While I'm a big advocate of doing what works in a practical way, I also like seeing that things are done the right way. Band-aids are OK if you are in a hurry, but they do need to be replaced with something more permanent.

As of 23 November, 2012, I've sent an email to the local library asking if they would be interested in hosting a Fedora presentation to generate community interest in using Fedora rather than the other major commercial system. Hopefully I'll get a response soon!

Fedora Projects

Member of the Documentation Team