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Matt "Breakpoint" Heck

Software engineer and technologist based in Oakland, California, United States of America. Over fifteen years of experience working in a mixture of startups, Fortune 500 companies, and shipping containers. Currently available for consulting on a corp-to-corp contract basis.

Skill Set

Primary Specializations

  • pure C
  • C++
  • assembly language
  • Embedded Linux (x86, ARM)
  • Windows XP Embedded
  • Virtualization (VirtualBox)
  • 2D graphics
  • Fedora Linux administration

Secondary Specializations

  • Ruby
  • C#, .NET
  • DHTML, JavaScript, etc.
  • Networking
  • Network Traffic Analysis

Tertiary Specializations

  • Rails
  • Data Forensics
  • wxWidgets
  • ALSA


General Information

Local Region: San Francisco Bay Area
Availability: Immediate
Terms: corp-to-corp (US)
Commitment: 20-40 hours/week
Minimum Term: 20 hours
Maximum Term: 12 months, renewable
General Rate: US$125/hour
24/7 On-Call Premium: US$1000/week

Travel Rates Beyond the San Francisco Bay Area

Travel beyond the extended San Francisco Bay Area is billed at a fixed daily rate that covers up to 12 hours of development per day and reasonable on-site operation expenses (accommodations, transit/car, off-site networking/telecom) as needed. Airfare/transit to the area of operations is not included and is at client's expense.

<90 miles from Oakland: billed hourly; see above
>90 miles from Oakland: US$1000/day
>300 miles from Oakland: US$1100/day
Outside California: US$1250/day
Outside CONUS: $1500/day

Special Circumstances and Environments

Surcharges for elevated risk. All of these are in addition to normal rates. For longer assignments, bulk rates may be negotiable.

24-hour shift:
(max. 1 per week)
Hazardous Area:
(SCBA/MOPP/etc. req'd)
High Risk Area:
(based on excessive violence, significant anti-American protests, or political instability within last 90 days)
Combat Area:
Includes U.S. designated "combat zones" as described at:

As of 19OCT2012, the following are examples of areas considered combat areas:

  • Afghanistan
  • Chechniya
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

As of 19OCT2012, the following are examples of areas considered high risk:

  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas State, Mexico
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, East China Sea

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are treated as consulting assignments and are billed at normal travel rates. Please provide at least two weeks' notice. Speaking engagements at conferences are requested to provide accommodations for the duration of the conference. Non-profit and professional societies within the San Francisco Bay Area may inquire about alternate terms.