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Personal Info

Name: Bruno Wolff III

Location/Timezone: US Central Time

Active Member of Fedora for: About 3 years depending on the definition of active

Fedora Interests: Custom spin tools, assorted games, fedora talk

Hours per week promised: For the foreseeable future I am not going to get time to regularly work on FES stuff. I'll stay attached to FTBFS stuff since that task has subparts and I can do drive fixes if I get time.


Programming Languages: C, Perl, SQL, Fortran (I have used others but it's been a long time.)


How long using Fedora: Regularly starting around FC6. (I used RH 6.2 for a long time. I had at least tried FC 3, 4 and 5 but I think I mostly used RH 6.2 during that period.)

How long using Linux: Since around 1998 or so. Before that I used GNUized unix going back to around 1991. And more standard unix for a few years before that.

Do you have a full time job working on or with Linux: (yes/no) no (Not as my primary focus, though my desktop at work runs Fedora.)

Do you have a full time job doing development: (yes/no) no

Technology Specialties:

Other notable experiences and skills:

  • Run a database driven hobby web site using some perl scripts that pull data from a postgres database.
  • I also have been doing a little bit with asterisk.
  • I am an amateur sysadmin.
  • I have done some playing around with networking, flashing my consumer routers with wireless support. I currently am using DDWRT in production and a custom OpenWRT trunk build in testing.
  • I have done some studying / testing of traffic control using linux tools (ip and tc). At some point I want to get around to having my routers do traffic classification and shaping.
  • I am good at problem solving.

Current Access

What access do you currently have in Fedora? packager spin-kickstarts

What personal resources do you have that could be of use? (workstation, virtualization environment, cluster, high speed internet, etc)

  • I have a tdm400p that I use with asterisk.
  • I have at least one (old) workstation (wx8000) that isn't a big deal to have wiped most of the time.
  • I have a T1 data connection to my home with a /27 IP address allocation.
  • I am running the DNS server (tinydns/axfrdns) for and can create subdomains at will.