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Brendon Toogood


Some words about you.

My name is Brendon Toogood, I am from Oamaru, New Zealand. I am a Fedora Ambassador and I am pleassed to be part of a good team. Previous versions of Fedora I have used are, FC2,FC3,FC4 after Fedora Core 4 I tried Debian based distributions to see what they are like, but they didn't compare to Fedora with ease of use and stability. So I am so pleased to have a good stable and free operating system to use and promote. One reason what I am aiming to achieve is good communication skills with others, not that I don't know. Plus organization skills.

Activities within Fedora

In my involvement, I would like to promote Fedora, I have some good marketing ideas that I would like to get underway. As a ambassador for Fedora I am going to make my presence at LUGS(when time allows) and at software freedom day. With my help I would, like to see fedora come ahead of the rest of the Linux community. We need to band together to make Fedora one of the best if not the best Distribution that there is. I have working in the back ground making people aware of fedora and how that it is a great alternative to other operating systems.

I have been also over the past few weeks been getting and helping in the #fedora channel on, which has been giving me some good experience in helping people and along the way learning a few things as I go. Knowledge is a good thing and the more we learn and the more we share can give us a greater understanding of how things work. I have had a few good role models in the channel that have helped me out on this. Fedora is one of the best operating systems about in my opinion and one of the easiest to install and manage. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work it either.