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Dipanjan Chakraborty

Ok...Ok. I know it... I do look that stupid.


  • Email: chakrabortydipanjanATdomain
  • Phone: +919711913881
  • Fedora Account: chakrabortydipanjan
  • Blog: [1]


I am a B.Tech in Information Technology from the West Bengal University of Technology and am currently pursuing PhD in Information Technology at IIT Delhi. I possess special interests in Linux. I am also the founder member of the Students' Linux Users' Group in my UG college along with my friend Sarbartha.

About Me

My favourite subject in school was English. People say I am not bad at English. I love writing stories, and some have been published in The Statesman.

Besides, I love reading stories. Enid Blyton is my favourite. Other authors I like are Richmal Crompton, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown. I also love Shakespeare, though I have a hard time understanding much of it (and my friends call me Caesar for this). Among the Bengali authors, my favourites are Sarat Chandra, Bibhuti Bhusan, Bamkim Chandra, Rabindranath.

I love programming in C and am simply mesmerised by the versatility of the language. I have picked up a bit of PERL now.


Activities within Fedora

  • I managed to organize a Fedora and FOSS session during the Tech Fest of my college with the help of Susmit da and Sarbartha
  • I am looking forward to a Fedora workshop in my college.
  • Have also managed to get my college to set up a Fedora server. We now connect to it via telnet. Besides, there is a lab with Fedora 11 installed.
  • I manned the Fedora booth at Science City, Kolkata along with Susmit Da, Rabi, and Sarbartha.
  • I am involved in the Fedora Free Media Programme.