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Addon Packages (python modules)

Packages of python modules (thus they rely on python as a parent) use a slightly different naming scheme. They should take into account the upstream name of the python module. This makes a package name format of python-$NAME. When in doubt, use the name of the module that you type to import it in a script. For non-top-level modules, substitute the dots('.') with minuses('-') first.


python-psycopg  (python module named psycopg)
python-simpletal (python module named simpletal)
python-tpg (python module named tpg)
python-twisted-web (python module named twisted.web)
python-zope-interface (python module named zope.interface)

There is an exception to this rule. If the upstream source has "py" (or "Py") in its name, you can use that name for the package. So, for example, pygtk is acceptable.