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Luca Ciavatta
Personal information
Location: Ravenna, Italy
Birthday: July 10th
Contact information
IRC: cialu on
#fedora-it #fedora #fedora-design #fedora-devel #fedora-docs​
Twitter: @cialunet

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: cialu
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:


My name is Luca Ciavatta and I am from Ravenna, Italy. I have studied Environmental Science at the University of Bologna and I'm also a qualified IT technician. I like to learn and I'm trying to be a developer. I used many operating systems, but none satisfy me completely. So I switched to Linux and loved it!

  • Language: Italiano, English
  • My website [1]
  • My twitter [2]


While I got a degree in science some years ago, I shortly did a lot of other types of jobs. I was the Linux guy in a world surrounded by Apple and Microsoft folks. That went on for years - but wasn't meant to be for eternity, Linux world is growing fast. I'm also involved in opensource projects and in the Italian Ubuntu community, mainly doing translations.

I use Fedora since the 17 release (and before some betas in spare time) and use it at home on every pc (also Pidora in a tiny Raspberry Pi). I'm a fan of all the Linux world, so I also experiment with Ubuntu, Arch and Others. Actually, my main machine runs Fedora with many other systems inside VirtualBox virtual machines.

Personal interests

  • android
  • open source (obviously)
  • science of all kinds
  • photography, travel
  • asia, berlin


Fedora Activities

Contribute to Fedora as I can. I'm also interested in contributing to the GNOME Project.

I report bugs at Bugzilla [5], I do kernel-tests, I test software on Bodhi [6], I make translations at Zanata [7] and give help at Ask Fedora [8]. The idea is also to become a maintainer, so I'm studying this Join the package collection maintainers.

Role in Fedora

Looking for something official.