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Colin Cunningham

I'm Colin Cunningham, and I hail from Black Mountain, NC. I am currently a student at Montreat College, studying for a Bible and Religion Major with a Concentration in Philosophy and Worldviews, and a Minor in Computer Information Systems. I've long been involved with computing, starting out in Middle School learning TI Basic on my TI 83 Plus Silver Edition. Over the years, I've learned Ada and some C++, but recently decided I didn't want to do programming as a day job. I agree with Fedora's Philosophy, and that of Free Software in general. I know English and Latin, and I am Learning Koine Greek and Russian. Languages are generally easy for me to learn, so I will probably contribute to localization at some point in the future. My goal in life is to become a Professor of Philosophy somewhere, and to use computing as a passionate hobby.

My Philosophy

I believe that all information should be free in both senses of the word. This includes software and content such as music and video. The only way that goal can occur is to have a platform that can do everything for free. The Fedora Project also embraces this goal, so I seek to spread this to everyone I can, as adoption is the only thing stopping it from being a major player and changing the world.

My Experience With Fedora

I am relatively new to Fedora. My first contact with running Fedora was Fedora 9 running in a virtual machine. I used it off and on, upgrading to 10 and 11, but I have recently decided to install Fedora 12 fully on my laptop. I have convinced 2 different friends to use Fedora fully in the past, and both have decided not to go back to Windows. With my support, I was able to make their transition as seamless as possible.

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