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Ashwin Date

Ashwin Date

Co-Owner, Tekdi Web Solutions.
My Company develops websites & web applications based on Open source technologies like PHP/MySQL. We shifted our entire team of 15 over to Linux a couple of years ago. Since then, we've saved countless hours of dealing with spyware and hard disk formatting. I've been using Fedora since the Moonshine release and I've always liked to have the latest versions of all Upstream projects like Gnome and OpenOffice. Currently everyone except me uses The other good distro, primarily due to slightly better GUI. But a week ago I had a look at Leonidas and it bowled me over. The Lion seems to have got it's roar and i'm looking forward to an enhanced GUI experience. The waves progress bar during start up should be a real hit!


  • Email:
  • Fedora Account: coolbung
  • Twitter: @coolbung

Activities within Fedora

  • Regular user and promoter of Fedora and other Linux distros
  • Plan to promote Fedora by creating awareness in the local LUG
  • I also think that merchandise and gear are a great way to promote open source ideas so I'm willing to help in any way to increase the variety and type of gear for Fedora thats available. Looking forward to sticker sets, mugs more t-shirt options and badges.