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Chris W Tucker

Lewisville, Texas 75067

Hi, I live north of Dallas, and am a Linux user/advocate of several years, have gone with Fedora 100% I encourage family, friends, and clients to take advantage of the opportunities Fedora offers.

Current Activities:

   * Just finished upgrading F14 on every computer in the office. And it is remarkable.
   * Configuring a few Aspire Ones to demo F15 Alpha. Really nifty little netbook, you should try this.
   * Rawhide on the Macbook Air. An adventure in your own office. However, it is a great notebook once you get it up and running.

You can contact me at:

   * Email:
   * ICQ: 560912833
   * IRC: cwtucker on, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora, and sometimes, #fedora-devel.
   * GPG: DBAFB95B 
   * Fedora Account: cwtucker 

My activities within Fedora:

   * I am now an ambassador! If you are in North Texas, do not hesitate to look me up for assistance for any questions.
   * Promoting Fedora use, help influence others to choose Fedora and software freedom.
   * Help with DVD distributions, The Fedora FreeMedia Program, and various promotional materials at LUGs.
   * Answer questions on Fedora forums.
   * Working more on testing, leading to QA
   * Looking to expand the areas I am active in as time permits in the near future.