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The Wiki Request List is a place where editors and users of the Fedora Project wiki can request and find wiki-oriented tasks.

Wiki users can post their requests here. If you'd like to see something done, propose it here. Feel free to put it under one of the categories, or make a new one. No task is too small or great. Examples include requesting new articles, requesting an article be edited and revised, or requesting someone fix the template on your user page.

If you see a request that appeals to you, go ahead and let us know. If you have a suggestion or something else to add, go ahead and add it, too.

Wiki contributors can find work in the list below. If you find something appealing, go ahead and see what you can do. If you'd like to work on it, but would need help, post under the topic that you're interested. If you own a bot, see if you can't let it loose on some of the time-consuming, machine-friendly tasks.

If you've made a request that requires some discussion or more details, people are likely to contact you on your user page or underneath your post. This is the preferred way to hold discussions since it invites other members to get involved. Finished proposals may be removed from this list. If you didn't feel like yours was complete, go ahead and post it again.

Article requests

Stable release updates article

I'd like Stable release updates to be an article that makes sense of all this discussion. Could someone get together and write something up for it? Dafrito 04:02, 6 July 2010 (UTC)

Edit requests

Longer lasting lightbulb

I wrote up the Longer lasting lightbulb proposal. Could someone edit it to read a little better and be more wiki-like? I'd like the content to stay the same.

Rounder tires

My proposal on Rounder tires could use a proofread.

  • I made some minor revisions. I flagged it with a Template:Review. Remove it if everything looks okay.

Template requests

I've seen a cool template around on This random page. I was wondering if a template author could make one for the Foo SIG. Dafrito

  • Dafrito: sure, let me whip one up for you. Does Template:Foo work for you?
    • Could you change it to beige?

Minor fixes

  • It'd be nice if all the Foo widgets were right-aligned instead of left-aligned.