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"Paula" D. Alvarez

C. Daniel Alvarez Quintero
C. Daniel Alvarez Quintero
Personal Information
Birthday: 04.03.1993
Home: Bucaramanga, Colombia (UTC-5)
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FAS-Name: danialvarezq
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IRC: {{{irc-nick}}} on in
#fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-la
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My name is "Paula" Daniel"a" Alvarez, I'm a transgender woman an free culture activist and a Fedora Ambassador on Colombia. I'm Industrial Designer and i work with communities to create circular societies and social/participative design to aproppiation of territory. I created the "Comunidad Universitaria de Software Libre - UDI" at Research and Development University. In my free times I make workshops of free software for design, while I spread Fedora to the comunities.



  • Industrial Designer with social and participative design approach.
  • I'm a Transgender Woman and activist of free cultura (includes the LGBTIQ+ movement).
  • I'm a active design researcher to social appropiation of territory in development communities.
  • I speak Spanish (native) and English (Conversational and Academic Purpose)
  • (TBA = Tell By Asking :)


  • I started to use Fedora at 2011 and I used diferent distros along years.
  • Fedora user (full-time) since, 2011.
  • Fedora localization (L10N) team, since 2019
  • Fedora ambassadors team, ambassador; since 2019.


I joined Ambassadors team as ambassador in 2019. Thanks to different people who help me.

Plans in 2019

My plans to finish this year are:

  • Propose a OSCE days 2019 in Bucaramanga. (With a friend we make the 2017)
  • Create new workshops in experimental design using free software.
  • Create furniture design while I spread fedora.
  • Attend more fedora & FOSS events.