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Davis Álvarez
Personal information
Location: Panama, Rep. of Panama
Birthday: December 27
Contact information
IRC: davisclick on
#fedora-pa, #fedora-latam #fedora-meeting-2 #fedora-python​
Ham Radio: N2ASD​
Twitter: davisclick
Facebook: davisclick
LinkedIn: davisalvarez
GitHub: davisclick
GitLab: davisclick

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: davisclick
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

I started using Fedora in 2017. I like this distribution because it refers to freedom, friendship and features. Fedora has given me the opportunity to work on GNU/Linux in an intuitive, challenging, and dynamic way.

FOSS activities/contributions in Fedora


There some events where I was or wich I have organized:

  • 2017: FLISOL, Panama City.
  • 2018: FLISOL, Panama City.
  • 2018: Fedora 29 Release Party, Panama City.
  • 2018: Linux Day, Panama City.
  • 2019: FLISOL, Panama City.

Talks & Workshops

  • 2018: GitHub encourages me to collaborate at FLISOL - Panama City.
  • 2018: Developing Web Application with Laravel on Fedora- Panama City.
  • 2019: Fedora Project, Get Involved in the International Community.

Other miscellaneous Information

  • Languages: Spanish and English.