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Dan Čermák
Personal information
GPG key: E632C3380610D1C5
Contact information
Twitter: DefolosDC
Telegram: Defolos
GitHub: D4N
GitLab: D4N

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: defolos
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About me

I have been a Fedora user since 2010 and became a package maintainer in 2018 after playing around with rpm packaging at a part time job at university. In the meantime I have picked up a bunch of additional packages for maintenance and joined a few SIGs. Currently I am mostly involved in helping shape the i3 spin of Fedora.

After studying astrophysics, I joined the IT world and first worked on embedded devices and later switched to a more all-round role as part of the developer engagement program. Currently I am building operating system images, develop editor extensions and implement tests at my dayjob.

I always strive to increase the collaboration between distributions, at the moment mostly targeting Fedora and openSUSE. I also play around with non-x86 architectures, mostly with ARM based machines and a RISCV experimental board.

Involvement in Fedora

  • Member and the QA automation engineer of the i3 SIG
  • package maintainer of i3, i3 related utilities, OCaml libraries, a few Python packages and the co-maintainer of Emacs and sway related utilities as part of the sway SIG


  • IRC: you can find me as defolos in many fedora related channels. I'm mostly active in #fedora-devel, #fedora-i3, #fedora-python and #fedora-qa, besides that I can be also found in #opensuse-factory, #opensuse-buildservice and #rpm among others.
  • Matrix:
  • Discord: Defolos#4234
  • email: please use my FAS email