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Dhanesh B. Sabane
Dhanesh B. Sabane
Personal information
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Homepage: []
Birthday: May 18
GPG-Key: C1642329
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fas-name: dhanesh95
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Twitter: Dhanesh95 {{{}}}
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IRC: dhanesh95 on
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GitHub: Dhanesh95
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About Me

I'm a Computer Engineering student from Pune, Maharashtra, India and I intend to graduate in 2017. I started using GNU/Linux in May 2014 - Ubuntu was my first distribution. I tried various other distributions like Linux Mint, Debian, elementary and RedHat Enterprise Linux (because it was the primary OS on our college machines), before I fell in love with Fedora. I'm immensely passionate about Open Source and Free Software and I never refrain from broadcasting it everywhere I can.


  • Common IRC Channels:
    • ##linux-india
    • #fedora
    • #fedora-admin
    • #fedora-commops
    • #fedora-devel
    • #fedora-india
    • #fedora-join
    • #fedora-mktg
    • #fedora-ml
    • #fedora-python
    • #pagure
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Activities within Fedora Project

Activities outside Fedora Project

In addition to working on Fedora, I'm also a Mozilla contributor and the Captain of Mozilla Club Zeal, my institute's Mozilla Club.

Apart from the technical qualifications, I'm a football (soccer) player and also a Tabla(percussion instrument) player.

Dhanesh B. Sabane (talk) 11:24, 19 November 2015 (UTC)