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Dominick Allen

I started using Fedora in September 2012, as my second distro. I found Fedora to be more intuitive than Ubuntu, and I found that I preferred the philosophy behind Fedora more than I did Ubuntu.

I've started to learn scripting in Python, and I find it to be as fun as video games used to be when I was a kid. I am currently making a personal website as an exercise to learn about, or expand my skills in XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and PHP. Although not necessarily related to my website, I would also like to continue learning bash scripting and to learn other programming languages.

When my contract with my current employer expires, I will be going to college for Chemistry. Although my profession will not (at least directly) involve programming, I will continue to dedicate spare time to the promotion of libre software and culture.


Activities within Fedora

  • I plan on using my website as a platform to promote Fedora, as well as other free distributions of Linux, and free software. I would like to eventually be an ambassador for Fedora. Additionally, because I speak French, I would also like to contribute by translation documentation into French.