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Derek Wolcott

I am an Applied Math/CompSci/MicroBio Senior at CSULA that is involved in interdisciplinary work that looks at how to involve large high performance computing in the natural sciences with my main focus being on the genetics and evolution of viruses.


  • Email: derek dot wolcott at gmail dot com

Activities involving Fedora on campus

  • Attempting to become a student ambassador
  • In the steps of co-founding a small team which will build a Fedora Cluster to be used for various interdisciplinary computational science projects and run by the SIAM student chapter which I am also assisting in establishing on campus.
  • With the help of the SIAM student chapter at my school start a series of special talks that revolve around computational science and its uses in the natural sciences, part of which will involve talks and hopefully publications on how we have implemented Fedora on our cluster.