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Michael Downey
Michael Downey
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FAS name: downey
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IRC nick: downey
IRC channels: #fedora-commops
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About Me

My introduction to computer technology came back in 1987, when my parents purchased a Tandy 1000 EX. Since then, I've been actively involved in computers and online technology. I was a system operator (sysop) for Traders’ Connection (TCON) BBS, in some ways a predecessor to the Internet as we know it today. TCON eventually became one of the first dial-up internet services providers in the region.

I received two undergraduate degrees from Purdue University, majoring in electrical engineering technology and computer engineering technology. As a PhD student at the Indiana University School of Informatics, my research focused on user-centered design and testing, usability of open-source software, three-dimensional visualization of file systems, and HCI4D/ICT4D. I was a key member of the MountainView research team and was co-principal investigator for FOSSUL – Indiana’s Free and Open Source Software Usability Laboratory. During my PhD work, I got involved with OpenMRS, as well as many other technology-based development projects in West & Middle Africa. My research focused on the application of user-centered design principles and methods to international development projects, with specific attention to health-care initiatives. In June 2016, I helped with the founding of LibreHealth, a new umbrella organization for free & open source health IT projects, and I currently serve on its steering committee.

In 2000, I started a career in IT, working for not only Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporations, but also as an industry consultant for small and large projects. I've also been a Linux user & FOSS supporter since that time as well. From 2009 to 2016, I was involved with OpenMRS and served as its director of community. I've used Fedora since 2011, and love sharing its values with people I meet through my work and other relationships. I'm looking forward to contributing to the project I love so much!


  • Email: downey [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
  • IRC: downey
  • Common IRC Channels:
    • #fedora
    • #fedora-commops
    • #fsf
    • #osi
    • #conservancy
  • Twitter: @downey
  • Telegram: @downey