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Nikolas Moraitis a.k.a drsys

I am Nikolas . I have been working with fedora 5 years now ,and Centos for my server for 3 years. My level of expertice is advanced . I graduated medical school in Thessaloniki in Macedonia Greece . I use Fedora @ the university as doctorate student now sharing knowledge and solutions with the rest of my department .I convert people to Fedora and try to push it as a replacement for closedsource products. I am intrested in promoting opensource software in Healthcare (hospitals , healthcare organisations , private clinics ) by finding alternatives to existing closed source solutions deloyed in these facilities .

Future Plans :

I'm willing to spread the Fedora word to everyone , also i'm intrested in promoting opensource solutions to Healthcare and Healthcare IT service , develop opensource medical software alternatives through a company that i will form with my associates in the very near future ( work is being done on that direction ). Until then i want to promote Fedora in schools and install if needed +customised to any need . Promotimg it in forums , giving presentations attend installfests write guides both in English and Greek and so on .

Some information