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Damian "dtometzki" Tometzki
Personal information
Location: Singen (in the near of lake of constance), Germany
Birthday: March 30th, 1974
Contact information
IRC: dtometzki on
#fedora-pgm, #fedora-admin, #fedora-kernel​
Twitter: dtometzki
LinkedIn: damian.tometzki
GitHub: dtometzki

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: dtometzki
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About Me

I am a Fedora newcomer, coming from other distros. Using linux since 1990, starting with Suse and Ubuntu, switched to Fedora/Centos since 2018. I'm support in Fedora Community the infrastructure team and the new Fedora Program Management Team. Outside of Fedora i work as SAP Technology Consulting company as Solution Architect and Linux System Engineer, where I use all my SAP and Linux skills, also work on Azure and AWS and I know bit of C Language.


  • Fedora Email:
  • Private Email:
  • Twitter:
  • IRC: dtometzki @ freenode: #fedora-pgm, #fedora-admin, #fedora-kernel

Activities within Fedora

  • Infrastructure: Support the Infrastructure Team
  • Program Management: Help to build up the new PgM Team and help in different FPgM Topics

Owned machines

  • a little infrastructure on AWS and Azure
  • Lenovo Ideapad with Fedora 34