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Pengfei Tuan(段鹏飞)



fedora email: duanpengfei (at) fedoraproject (dot) org (I Love this one!)

Fast Description: I am interested and skilled in FPGA hardware development, C/C++ development on Linux, Linux clusters management, and robotics.

Education : 9/2013-6/2016 will study in Tsinghua University Majored in Computer Science and Technology, Master

9/2009-6/2013 study in Southeast University Majored in Information Science and Technology, Bachelor

English Skill: I have passed CET-4 and CET-6

Reward: 2013 Yahoo Hack Day Final of China Excellent Prize 2012 Iran Open RoboCup3D Simulation League 5-8 place 2011 China Robotics Open RoboCup3D Simulation League the First Prize 2011 Jiangsu Robotics Competition second place

Projects: 7/2012-9/2012 Shanghai Suimu Technology Company Android app development and tests Description Use Google Map API to build a LBS module of an mobile app

7/2010-2012/5 SEU RoboCup Platform SEU RoboCup3D Simulation League Description This is a software simulation project, which is built on a Linux cluster, to simulate robots football. The robot model is Nao with 22 joints. SEU maintain a robot team in this project. The project is original from 2007, and I am a team leader from 9/2011 to 5/2012. This is what I have done: 1. Use boost::thread lib to gain network strength of our code. 2. Use gyroscope and flags to make the location method better, avoiding eye blind. 3. Use FIR Filter to improve the walking speed. Our Robot is one of the fastest teams in the world in RoboCup3D. 4. Write the mathematics documents of our code.

Fedora and I

I think Fedora is the most beautiful Linux Disc in the world, and very good to use. After I met her, I never date with others!^^ We use Fedora for developing robotics simulation around RoboCup 3D Simulation League in Southeast University. And we use it as the standard platform in the robotics league of Southeast University. All of our students love her!

The Future

Fedora becomes more an more beautiful!