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About Me

Name: Elizabeth Ann West

Occupation: Freelance Writer

Education: Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science concentration Leadership Studies from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. Minor coursework completed in English Literature.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Currently Living: Moncks Corner, SC

Contact Information


Open Source Involvement

Secretary of the Charleston, SC Linux Users Group.

Editor for Fedora Docs.


The handsome guy in the photo above with me is my husband, Josh West. He is the webmaster of the CSCLUG's website, and the only reason I ever became involved with open source. Under his encouragement, I cold-turkey quit Windows in April of 2008, and started running Ubuntu. I was introduced to Fedora courtesy of David Nalley at our LUG's Linux Demo Day (my brainchild to help promote open source in our area) in September 2008.

After running Fedora for about 3 months, I have since returned to Ubuntu as my main operating system. The reason is I am still a complete newbie to Linux. I shy away from my command line anytime there is a GUI way to do something. I own I decided I can help Fedora more by lending my writing expertise, and just running a different system that I understand more.

What I lack in technical experience, I make up for in enthusiasm. I regularly run my mouth about the benefits of Open Source, and even succeeded in converting my church's rector to a Linux distribution for his desktop. I like to organize events and look forward to promoting open source more in the future.

    • Side note** Josh and I are expecting our first child together, June 27, 2009.