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Name Debmalya Sinha
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Debmalya Sinha - Hello World...:)

This is Debmalya Sinha, a 20 year old 4th year Computer Science Student from AIEM, Durgapur. I am interested in mainly Algorithms, Computer Organization and System Architecture, Operating Systems, Theoretical Networking problems, Programming in mainly C and C++, and Cryptography.

Recently, my interests extended into a very cool and happening topic. Free and Open Source Software.

Though I had some Idea on Linux earlier, Linux was like an another Operating System to me until I tried to surge deep inside this wonderful community of gifted minds.

Yes, Linux to me, is not a mere another Operating System anymore. It's like a community, with great minds working on it every now and when and everyone is willing to help every newbies. It's like a regeneration of lost "True Communist World" only the method of action shifted, and more sophisticated.

I'm really trying hard to cope up with this wonderful world and working to contribute by any means to it.

Started Learning perl

Ive recently started learning perl and finding it a beautiful language. My Mentor Mr. Indranil Das Gupta, a renowed FOSS personality in India, gave me my first task of learning this language, and I'm trying hard to cope up with that within 5-6 days. :)