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Emerson Pereira dos Santos
Emerson Pereira dos Santos
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Location: João Pessoa, Brazil Paraiba.jpgBrazil.png
Birthday: April 10, 1984
GPG key: 0E70B8F8
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FAS name: em3rson
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Support analyst, computer network technician, GNU/Linux user since 2005, worked with several operating systems, providing technical IT support and consulting.

In 2015, after changes in the work, I could only use GNU/Linux, I tested some distributions that I already knew, but after installing Fedora 23, I decided that will be my official distribution.

I've identified with the philosophy of the project, and therefore I intend to contribute in every way I can.

Currently working at NTT DATA Services as a IT Trainer and Quality Analyst.

This has taken a lot of my time, causing a pause temporary in my contributions.

"Human knowledge belongs to the world!!!"

Skills and Hobbys

Outside the world of IT, I usually have some hobbies: Comics, Amateur Astronomy, Music (play guitar), Puzzle's (rubik's cube and derivatives), TV series, Play with my cats, Edit audio, video and photos.

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