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Franz Dietrich
Personal information
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Birthday: 16/01/1987
E-mail: enaut.w
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Fedora-specific information
FAS name: enaut
Fedora e-mail:
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Franz Dietrich

Fedora user and ocational contributor for 3+ years

I studied computer science in Freiburg and finished with my bachelors degree. I started my masters degree but realized that I'm not made for science and stopped it. I recently moved to Stuttgart where I will become a math and physics teacher.

I started using Linux well before my studies back in 2004. Well actually in the 90's but I gave up when my computers were not powerful enough to run X. So in 2004 I started using various distros and settled for Ubuntu. During a semester abroad in France I tried Linux from Scratch and learned a whole bunch of stuff about system interna. The Unix course at the University did help too. But back at home I quickly realized that LFS is taking up way too much time and the result is a system that constantly lacks updates. So in 2010 I was in the open again selecting a distro that fits my needs. The requirements were: vanilla Gnome3 and systemd natively. I was very dissatisfied by Ubuntu's support for Gnome and Tried Exherbo which is similar to Gentoo but a much nicer community and systemd support to the core. However maintaining the system took still an awful lot of time which is why I finally settled for Fedora and have been very satisfied ever since.

Fedora in use

I use Fedora on my Desktop PC, my Laptop and my Server. Usually the latest stable Version and sometimes I upgrade one or two of my system to a beta during beta phases.


My main computer used to store all sorts of things and the command and control central for my digital Life. Some of my favorite applications on my Fedora-Desktop:

  • Gnome3
  • Firefox
  • Amarok
  • vim (I actually switched to Emacs in Vim mode which is awesome)
  • ssh
  • Rosegarden
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape


The Laptop has basically the same uses as the desktop but is mobile. Since I'm not a very mobile person I usually do not use the laptop much.


My Server hosts:

  • Several Websites (my Blog included)
  • Private Owncloud
  • Private Git
  • Emailserver
  • And a private Minecraftserver


All my public Projects are in my Blog or my Github Profile.

Special Praise:

  • Export-Theme for digikam-html-export
  • Article on Systemd for Minecraft
  • I contributed an overlay to Minecraft-Overviewer