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Eric Lovrien

Location:Minneapolis, MN, USA

How I found Linux:

In 2004 I was working on a help desk trying to fix a Windows PC that had a problem booting. I stumbled across a Knoppix live CD and was able to rescue files before reinstalling the operating system. I was amazed of the power of something that ran off a disk. Over the next few months spent my spare time reading up on Linux and open source. I played with every distribution I could get my hands on. I knew right then and there that this was something I wanted to use.

Why Linux and open source software is better:

+ Avoid vendor lock in
+ Improved security
+ Reduced costs
+ Better quality  

Why Fedora

Fedora does a great job at developing upstream. This provides amazing benefits not just to fedora but all Linux distributions. I really admire this about development work done in fedora.

How I would like to get involved:

However I can. I am just a Rookie and working on learning the flow of things.