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Lesley Harrison

I am a tech author and games journalist. I use several operating systems, and like to help out with my favourite GNU/Linux OSes when I can.

I am self employed, and I use a mixture of Windows, Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS in my work. I believe that people should use what works for them, and I promote FOSS solutions to clients, friends, and family where appropriate.

I have a background in proprietry software, and would like to learn more about developing for Linux.


Activities within Fedora

  • Just getting started with bug triaging
  • Advocacy
  • Learning GTK programming

Other FOSS Activities

  • Member of Linux Chix
  • Member of FSF Community Team - promoting Free Software and clearing up FUD / misunderstandings in mainstream media.
  • Help to triage and patch simple (Gnome-Love) bugs in Gnome

Goals for the future

I would like to become more active in the community. I am currently learning GTK and would like to get involved in patching bigger / more complex bugs.