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Mark Johnson


Aliases: You can find me most anywhere on the web as either evilestmark, mark.mrwizard, or owori.

Languages: English, Japanese

About my nickname, "Evilestmark"

A long time ago I was very interested in philosophy. I was caught up in the idea that evil is not a real thing, or that it was entirely subjective. Thus I decided for shock value to take the nick evilestmark.

Later I found out that in Japanese my name can be translated into the following reading-based kanji: 真悪. Which means absolute evil, pure bad, or something along those lines. The coincidence that it could also be loosely translated as evilest made me laugh. I still write my name this way to get laughs out of new folks I meet in Japan.

Fedora Projects

I'm just getting started on the Websites team. I lost track of web development in 2003, I'd like to catch up. Wish me luck.