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Courtney B Draper

I have grown up in Berkeley California and come from a very diverse background. With an eye for design, I decided to major in fashion at San Francicso City college. After receiving my certificate in iamge consulting, I decided to take a break from the fashion world and work in office type settings. With having done wide virieties of work including many years in retail, I also worked at Zareason. My duties there included representing the company at various events both locally and nationally as well as acting as the executive assistant for Cathy and Earl Malmrose. Software freedoms are important to me. I like how free software helps me breathe new life into hardware for people.


  • I want to help with the Free Media program
  • I plan on helping BAMF grow as a community.

Member of:

  • Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans BAMF


Here is a partial list of events I attended, or have helped organizing.

South East Linux Fest
F16 party