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Markus Dorfer

Hey there my name is Markus Dorfer for the last two years i live in Munich/Germany, but i was born in Austria. I work since 12 years with linux and had always a strong relationship with the RedHat side of the world. My first computer was a C64, after that i started over with my first pc, with an intel 8088 cpu and huge 20 mb of harddisk space. Here in Munich i work for a social network. We run completely on open source software on about 200 centos boxes. My relationship with Fedora is more private based on my work pc, laptop and some other boxes.

Who knows maybe later on i am able to migrate all our servers to Fedora.


  • GPG key: 0x55BACAA2
  • fedora account: faxe
  • faxe78
  • xing: mdorfer

Activities within Fedora

  • i am sorry till now i am not yet to much involved in fedora
  • for the future i hope i can help to give a lot of people insight linux and to get a lot of people to use fedora
  • i hope to write more soon