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Felipe Cesar Rodrigues
Felipe Cesar Rodrigues ({{{pronouns}}})
Personal information
Location: Chapecó, Brazil
Birthday: August 24, 1996
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Fedora-specific information
FAS name: feliper
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Hello! My name is Felipe Cesar Rodrigues and I am developer of Fedora. I joined the course of Information Systems in 2014, I'm still studying. I entered the world of free software using Centos, after Kali Linux and already for 2 years I use Fedora, but when I met spent Fedora involved with the project. I actually help in translations.


I joined the [1] team in 2014 in order to help in the design and improve my English. In the future I intend to contribute in other ways too but, in this moment I lack the knowledge to do so.


Some of my other social networking info: