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Yu Feng

Some words about Yu Feng.


  • Email: rainwoodman/gmail

// * IRC: Your freenode IRC name and channels you hang out (eg. #fedora-docs, etc.)

  • GPG key: C695100E
  • Fedora Account: fengyu

Activities within Fedora

A typical BugZapper will possess skills similar to the following:

  • Patience
  • Yes I have it.
  • Determination
  • Yes I have it.
  • Writing
  1. Being polite and courteous in your responses
  • Yes I am.
  1. Communicating complex information clearly
  • This is what I would like to improve.
  • Bug reproduction
  • If I have the same configuration.
  • Coding (optional)
  • I am a coding geek
  • Technical writing (detailed)
  • What's this? I would like to learn about it.

I want to work for fedora as a BugZapper for a period.