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Contact Me

Email: [timothy.galyean[at]]

Home Page: ~/home

IRC: #fedora-admin/tgalyean

About Me

Live in the midwest, was born and raised in California. I currently work for a Major ISP with focus on:

  • Flow Through Provisioning
  • HFC Network

    How am I part of Fedora?

    I am currently part of the Fedora Infrastructure Team, more specificly the NOC / Tool's groups


    So far all of my education is from self study, or experience, and I am currently in the process of working on my CCIE for Routing and Switching.

    I have a wide range of experience consisting of Networking(LAN,WAN,HFC), Web/Software Programming, and System Administration(*NIX & Windows), although I prefer Networking and System Administration over hardcore programming every day.