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Florian Tani

Hello, my name is Florian Tani. I am Computer Engineering student , second year at Metropolitan Univeristy of Tirana . Graduated for Physics Engineering with Bachelor degree from Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Professionally, I'm a Technical Support/IT in a Telecommunications Company in Tirana,Albania.My work involves Technical Support as operator for Internet/Telephone Services technicians in-field-work and daily routine as System/Network Administratior . In spare i have been involved in projects related with Arduino , Raspberry Pi. I have experimenting like distro hopper with many Linux distros for learning purposes starting from Ubuntu passing in Linux Mint. Later i decided to try Fedora , openSUSE which give me more comfortability (subjective opinion ) . Since i was accustomed to have the latest programs installed on my machine , i tried Archlinux derivatives (Chakra,Manjaro). Now i use Fedora as the main OS on my laptop.

My hobbies like meeting my friends, reading books, playing chess, swimming , listen electronic music.

Some information

Area of Interest

I want to create and mantain RPM packages for Fedora because we can learn new stuff and understand more better the infrastructure of an OS . I am interested in writing scientific and engineering applications in C/C++ (Qt) and Python in free time.

Fedora Events

  • 2014
    • OSCAL 2014 in Tirana as speaker presented a workshop about to create a RPM package and I have been at Fedora infobooth promoting to the people , answering their questions.
  • 2013
    • July 2013 in Pristina as a Fedora supporter from Albania


  • Language: Albanian, English, Italian
  • Location: Durres,ALbania
  • Email: florian(at)gmail (dot) com
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook: /florian.tani
  • IRC: freenode: #fedora #fedora-ambassadors #openlabs-albania
  • Fedora Account: [1]