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Fran Diéguez
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Home: Galiza, Spain
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FAS-Name: frandieguez
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Private Mail: frandieguez [at] gnome (dot) org
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Fran Diéguez

PGP Key: !A2A4F9B8

I'm a software engineer working at a large educational institution at Galicia (Spain) deploying open source solutions [[1]] and GNOME Member since late 2009.

As a contributor, I am mostly involved in localization: I coordinate the GNOME Galician translation ( and sometimes collaborate with Debian.

I'm also active on [[2]] (Galician GNU/Linux User Group) and [[3]] (Free Software Localization Asociation).. On this group we try to talk to all the society the vantages of Open Source, making courses, lectures at University among other events related with Open Source. At our website you can find a lot of mini howtos.

Activities in FOSS

I translate GNOME Desktop [[4]] with just another person that makes all the work of reviewing.

Past Events Attended or organized

Organization of a lot of Open Source events with the Galician GNU/Linux User Group:

  • Free Knokledge and Rights ([[5]])
  • Ubuntu Crash Course at University ([[6]])
  • Open Source Revolution ([[7]])
  • Computational-Linguistic Tools and Open Source Course ([[8]]), among others.