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Felix Schwarz

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irc nic scfe


I'm a freelance software developer from Berlin, Germany. Most of my paid projects won't be published as free software but all do you use/rely on some open source software. And my preferred software stack for doing development is TurboGears , Python and Fedora /CentOS /Red Hat Enterprise Linux .

Therefore contributing to free software projects is a good way to ensure that annoying bugs will get fixed soon and that the features I need make it into the main distribution (so that I don't have to maintain local forks). And of course, free software coding is really fun!

If you (as a Fedora infrastructure developer) have some TurboGears/TurboMail problems, don't hesitate to ping me. Others may take a look at my professional website ( ) where you can get professional support for software development and consulting: I have some special knowledge on 'advanced' Python topics like full-featured PDF generation, DATEV file exchange etc. Of course I can help with Linux system administration and packaging, too ;-)

Current Fedora Packages

(short summary: Python PDF stack)


Python Libraries:

TurboGears stack:

Authoritative listing of my packages:

Fedora plans

Updates for existing packages

  • pyPdf for EPEL 4 needs the decimal module as Python 2.3 does not contain it - probably I have to package it
  • python-zope-interface for EPEL 5 should be updated to 3.4.1 so that python-z3c-rml and python-repoze-who can enter EPEL.

New Packages

Submitted for review but stalled:

  • python-jcc (aka "JCC") - stalled because you can only link against from OpenJDK by using rpath. Changing this is under consideration for a future Fedora release. See bug 449456 for tracking the OpenJDK issue. Review is tracked in bug 449360. I published binary rpms on my personal page.

Already packaged (09/2008) but not submitted for review yet:

  • python-z3c-rml
    • python-zope-schema
    • python-zope-event
    • python-zope-i18nmessage
  • python-repoze-who
  • pyLucene - needs python-jcc for building, therefore blocked by stalled python-jcc review, see above. I published binary rpms on my personal page.

Paul Howarth was so kind and sponsored me as a Fedora developer. Furthermore he patiently helped me with all my beginner problems. Thanks again, Paul!