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Mark E. Fuller, Ph.D.

Contributions to Fedora and other FOSS Projects

I am a daily Fedora user and active in the community via maintaining and reviewing packages, testing updates, and bug reporting. I have previously contributed translations (EN <=> DE) to Fedora as a member of the German Translators Team. I also developed the German-language translations for the Matrix client Ditto. My other software development has focused on tools for computational chemistry (especially automated generation of chemical kinetic reaction mechanisms and chemistry simulation) and contributing to the documentation for related projects (including LaTeX templates): github and gitlab.

Research Engineer

In my day job I am a devops engineer with Mobileye in Israel, having escaped academia. I formerly worked as a research engineer, primarily in experimental combustion chemistry, but with significant secondary work on theoretical/computational chemistry. For a high-level overview of my academic work, I have profiles in the usual places: LinkedIn, Google Scholar, ORCID, &c...