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Gareth John

I've been using Redhat/Fedora since RH 7/8 (Which ever one introduced USB support). I finally made a permanent switch 3 years ago and no longer dual boot. After spending most of my time compiling programs for myself I decided to make RPMS; and then decided to submit them to Fedora. I am a law graduate and very interested in the legal aspects of FOSS. I have been working within the NHS since graduating and am currently very interested in the IT side of business (though it is not my area). Recently the term "Open Source" has been used by the Government and public services with more conviction than ever. I am interested to see solutions develop and would be very interested in contributing to and packaging such software.


  • Email: gareth.l.john[at]
  • IRC: gljohn @ #fedora #fedora-mini #fedora-devel
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • Fedora Account: gljohn

Activities within Fedora

  • Package Maintainer for gtkmm-utils (Deprecated along with paperbox (Only package dependant upon it))
  • Package Maintainer for paperbox (Deprecated with new tracker features)
  • Reviewer of as many packages as possible (given time constraints)
  • Member of Fedora-Mini SIG
  • Member of Fedora-Medical SIG