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Patrick W. Gonzalez (Gonz0)

I am currently employed as a Systems Programmer/Analyst @ Morehead State University, Morehead, KY US.

I'm a very outspoken advocate of Fedora and open source methodologies. I enjoy helping students understand that there are alternatives to Microsoft Products that can be used to effectively satisfy their everyday computing needs. I can be found around the coffee pot on any given day preaching the benefits of open-source to my colleagues and other members of the administration.

I've been using Linux as my primary desktop OS since Redhat 6 and spent countless hours troubleshooting and posting fixes for X11 configuration problems and driver installation howtos.

If the world as a whole could wake up one day and experience just a little taste of how the Fedora community rolls...


Activities within Fedora

  • I enjoy spreading the word about Fedora and the open-source community to students, faculty and staff.
  • I enjoy assisting new users with installation/administration problems and picking up the gauntlet when someone says. "...but you can't do X.Y.Z with Fedora."
  • In the future I plan on putting my programming skills to work in other areas of the Fedora Project, but for now my day job is taking up the majority of my time.