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Basic Information

Name: Hector Alfonso Gonzalez Ramirez

Location: Mexico

Languages: Spanish(Native), English and basic German

About Me

My name is Hector Gonzalez and I have been a Fedora Contributor and User since early 2008, when I joined the project as part of it´s Ambassadors Project,which in itself it´s a very engaging and rewarding experience, I became so passionate about it that I even self-nominated myself for the 2008 FAmSCo Elections.

Clearly my lack of experience and early contributions where not enough and I did not get to be part of FAmsCo as I had hoped, however that did not quench my desire to contribute in any way I could so I remained an active Ambassador until late 2010, where a change of careers forced me to abandon the project gradually and though I remained a Fedora user I just could not find the time to contribute as before, so in early 2011 I reitred from the project entirely as my schedule did not allow for quality contributions to be made.

You see, growing up Geek like I did, playing videogames, reading a lot and dissasembling (Much to the horror of other family members) and fixing computers leads you to the path of just loving anything computer related and at times being acknowledged as some sort of computer genius by your family and friends. So the natural choice, when the times comes of attending university, is pursuing a Computing Major.

The particular major I chose was not what I expected so in late 2010 I switched my major to Laws, which in itself was a big change, leaving me little to no time to spend on some of the things I loved to do the most, including, albeit regretfully, the Fedora Project.

Fast Forward 2 years and I am now a fully fledged Lawyer, just graduated from university and with my first job in hand and still a computing, gaming and electronics passionate I want to contibute to the open source world again, so where do I go?

Obviously the Project that got me deep into Linux, the Fedora Project, you see Fedora made me realize of the beauty of the Open Source Operating systems and their ability to be extremely flexible in terms of what your specific needs are, be it security, design or just general computing, Fedora is bound to have a Spin to help you get started, not to mention to customize any iteration of the system to your liking and day to day tasks.

So what did I do to promote Fedora as an Ambassador?

Projects (2008-2010)

  • Distribution of free fedora DVDs to anyone who asked for one.
  • Free Dual boot installations for those who needed it.
  • Free assistance to people who requested it.
  • Promoted people about Fedora through a radio program I used to conduct back then, my personal blog and my now defunct website.
  • Self-nominated for FAmSCO.
  • Offered Fedora as an alternative to any computer sold at the store I worked at, attaining a 20% average of the total system sales at the store.

Contact Information

If you need anything let me now by posting on My blog,sending me an email to