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Harish Anand

I'm an undergraduate CS student at Model Engineering College India. I started using Linux in 2011 and Fedora was my first Linux distribution. Over the years, I tried many different flavors of Linux and wanted to feel the difference of each one of them. Now I spend my time more on tweaking fedora, scripting, contributing and on IRC channels. I am extremely passionate about free and open source software and would love to contribute a lot more.


  • Email: mailto: harishanand AT fedoraproject DOT org , harishanand95 AT gmail DOT com
  • IRC: harish__
  • IRC Channels: #fedora-devel #fedora #fedora-india #cockpit #systemd
  • Fedora Account: Harishanand

Activities within Fedora

  • As a hobby project, developed a Gnome extension that acts like a personal assistant (like Cortana) for Fedora. The system's NLP and AI was done using API calls. The project involved creation of a D-BUS service for message passing and materialistic card design for displaying notification. This project gave me good understanding of D-BUS services and its functionalities.
 Github : | Project Bear,  |
 Code :
  • Contributed to Cockpit project by fixing their starter issues.
  • Would love to add more to this list in the coming years.
  • Student application for GSoC 2016 [1]
  • GSoC Blogs :
    • Getting started with GSoC 2016 with Cockpit [2]
    • GSoC Week 2 : Displays all loaded timers and calculates its next run time. [3]
    • GSoC week 3: Creation of timer playground app [4]
    • GSoC week 4: Timer Playground App [5]
    • GSoC week 5: Timer App Design Changes [6]

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