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Henderb Rodriguez

Hello, all.

My name is Henderb Rodriguez, Electronics Engineer, from Venezuela.

I has been working on IT Systems Support and software development for more than 15 years. I have some experience programming on several languages, as "C", Pascal, Visual C, Matlab.

On my first career years, i worked as System Administrator (sysadmin), managing 10 (aprox.) RHEL servers serving more than 500 Windows workstations.

Later, I worked 2 years on Siderurgica del Orinoco ( as Level 2 Systems Engineer, developing GUI for the SCADA systems that control the various iron process, through a large quantity of PLCs. I used to work there with C programming on QNX OS, using AppBuilder as the GUI builder, and using Sybase as the DB backend.

Recently, i worked 1 year for Telefonica Movistar de Venezuela (, through Huawei Technologies (, as Level 2 Unix Specialist Engineer. I was working there on helpdesk, solving problems related to Unix and Linux OS supporting the telecommunications infraestructure.

I am now a contributor for the Fedora Community, where i am willing to learn and improve Fedora's applications and services. I am member of the following Teams:

  • Infraestructure team.
  • Translation team (Spanish group).

I am open to work as freelancer (through for tasks related to electronics design, linux/unix configuration, software programming, and english-spanish translations. If you need any of this services (or others), please contact me on henderbj (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tickets i have worked on:

That is all for the moment. Thanks for visiting my profile.


IRC handle: "henderbj"